New Books

You You'll never know, dear : a novel of suspense
Ephron, Hallie, author.
Proof of conspiracy : how Trump Proof of conspiracy : how Trump's international collusion is threatening American democracy
Abramson, Seth, 1976- author.
Feltis/Goble family genealogy : the ancestors and progeny of William Henson Feltis and Sarah Adaline Goble
Feltis, Richard D.
Douglas Douglas
Cecil, Randy, author.
Lifespan : the revolutionary science of why we age--and why we don Lifespan : the revolutionary science of why we age--and why we don't have to
Sinclair, David A., 1969- author.
Something deeply hidden : quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime Something deeply hidden : quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime
Carroll, Sean M., 1966- author.
She said : breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement She said : breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement
Kantor, Jodi, 1975-
Talking to strangers / What We Should Know About the People We Don Talking to strangers / What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- author.
The only plane in the sky : an oral history of 9/11 The only plane in the sky : an oral history of 9/11
Graff, Garrett M., 1981- author.
The perfect pie  / Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More The perfect pie / Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More
America's Test Kitchen (COR)
Frankly in love Frankly in love
Yoon, David, author.
Where the light enters Where the light enters
Donati, Sara, 1956- author.
At death At death's door
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
Bloomland : a novel Bloomland : a novel
Englehardt, John, 1987- author.
Audience of one : Donald Trump, television, and the fracturing of America Audience of one : Donald Trump, television, and the fracturing of America
Poniewozik, James, author.
Rainforest : Dispatches from Earth Rainforest : Dispatches from Earth's Most Vital Frontlines
Juniper, Tony
The institute : a novel The institute : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Robert B. Parker Robert B. Parker's The bitterest pill
Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.
Akin : a novel Akin : a novel
Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author.
The testaments The testaments
Atwood, Margaret, 1939- author.
The titanic secret : an Isaac Bell adventure The titanic secret : an Isaac Bell adventure
Cussler, Clive, author.
Peppa Pig and the Christmas play. Peppa Pig and the Christmas play.
Candlewick Entertainment (COR)
Hey Grandude! Hey Grandude!
McCartney, Paul, author.
Little libraries, big heroes Little libraries, big heroes
Paul, Miranda, author.
Fairy science Fairy science
Spires, Ashley, 1978- author, illustrator.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Payment, Simone
Mighty Jack. 3, Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl Mighty Jack. 3, Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl
Hatke, Ben
Big Shark, Little Shark Big Shark, Little Shark
Membrino, Anna, author.
Max Einstein : rebels with a cause Max Einstein : rebels with a cause
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Dinosnores Dinosnores
Boynton, Sandra
Judy Moody : book quiz whiz Judy Moody : book quiz whiz
McDonald, Megan, author.
No cats allowed No cats allowed
James, Miranda, author.
Justice for Sara Justice for Sara
Spindler, Erica, 1957- author.
The long call The long call
Cleeves, Ann, author.
Garfield slurps and burps / His 67th Book Garfield slurps and burps / His 67th Book
Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28- author, artist.
Revenge Revenge
Slade, Arthur, 1967- author.
Betrayal Betrayal
Slade, Arthur, 1967- author.
Working Daughter : A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Making a Living Working Daughter : A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Making a Living
O'Donnell, Liz
Represent : The Woman|s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World Represent : The Woman|s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World
Raphael, June Diane/ Black, Kate
It : a novel It : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Summertime : George Gershwin Summertime : George Gershwin's life in music
Crawford, Richard, 1935- author.
Guinness world records 2020. Guinness world records 2020.
Guinness World Records (COR)
Nothing ventured Nothing ventured
Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- author.
Out of mind : a novel Out of mind : a novel
McLaughlin, Jen, author.
Blurred lines : an Out of line novel Blurred lines : an Out of line novel
McLaughlin, Jen, author.
Matterhorn : a novel of the Vietnam War Matterhorn : a novel of the Vietnam War
Marlantes, Karl.
The first time we met The first time we met
Croft, Pippa, author.
Diamond in the rough Diamond in the rough
Turano, Jen, author.
Killer instinct Killer instinct
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
If sharks disappeared If sharks disappeared
Williams, Lily.
What makes a monster? : discovering the world's scariest creatures
Keating, Jess, author.
Red & Lulu
Tavares, Matt, author, illustrator.
Be quiet!
Higgins, Ryan T, author, illustrator.
Forget me not
Terry, Ellie, author.
Stef Soto, taco queen
Torres, Jennifer, 1980- author.
The stars beneath our feet
Moore, David Barclay, author.
Insignificant events in the life of a cactus
Bowling, Dusti, author.
Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein : based on a true story
Roy, Jennifer Rozines, 1967- author.
A dog like Daisy
Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell, author.
McIntosh, Will, author.
Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls
McMullen, Beth, 1969- author.
Confessions from the principal's kid
Mellom, Robin, author.
Can an aardvark bark?
Stewart, Melissa, author.
Smith, Jennifer E., 1980- author.
Chester and Gus
McGovern, Cammie, author.
Grace Hopper : queen of computer code
Wallmark, Laurie.
A hundred billion trillion stars
Fishman, Seth, author.
Mutant mantis lunch ladies! : a Monstertown mystery
Hale, Bruce, author.
Beautiful blue world
LaFleur, Suzanne M, author.
Clayton Byrd goes underground
Williams-Garcia, Rita, author.
Making friends with Billy Wong
Scattergood, Augusta, author.
Hattie & Hudson
Van Dusen, Chris, author, illustrator.
How to find a friend
Costa, Maria S., author, illustrator.
Trio : the tale of a three-legged cat
Wisnewski, Andrea, author, illustrator.
Wordplay : a Toon book
Brunetti, Ivan, author, illustrator.
The unlikely story of a pig in the city
Kendall, Jodi, author.
Miles Morales, Spider-Man
Reynolds, Jason, author.
Lee, Fonda, author.
Pete the cat and the perfect pizza party
Dean, Kim, 1969- author, illustrator.
Attack of the 50-foot Fly Guy
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Pinkalicious dragon to the rescue
Kann, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Mr. Nogginbody gets a hammer
Shannon, David, 1959- author, illustrator.
Wait, rest, pause : dormancy in nature
Atkins, Marcie Flinchum, author.
Monument Maker : Daniel Chester French and the Lincoln Memorial
Sweeney, Linda Booth/ Fields, Shawn (ILT)
Unicorns 101
Atkinson, Cale, author, illustrator.
Let's have a sleepover! / An Acorn Book
Feuti, Norman, author.
The Fire Keeper : a Storm Runner novel
Cervantes, Jennifer, author.
Out to get you : 13 tales of weirdness and woe
Allen, Josh, author.
Boy-crazy Stacey
Martin, Ann, author
Squirrelflight's hope
Hunter, Erin, author.
Attack of the furball : a Christina Starspeeder story
Krosoczka, Jarrett, author, artist.
Island of Dragons : the twelfth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Katy and the big snow; story and pictures
Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968.
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
Christelow, Eileen, author, illustrator.
Fritz and the beautiful horses
Brett, Jan, 1949- author.
Annie and the wild animals
Brett, Jan, 1949-
The girl who loved wild horses
Goble, Paul.
Dr. Seuss's horse museum
Seuss, Dr., author.
Guinness world records : gamer's edition 2020.
Guiness World Records Limited (editor)
Lalani of the distant sea
Kelly, Erin Entrada, author.
Her deadly secrets : a novel
Griffin, Laura, 1973- author.
The terminal list : a thriller
Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym), author.
The enlightenment of bees
Linden, Rachel, author.
The Amish Christmas candle
Long, Kelly/ Beckstrand, Jennifer/ Baker, Lisa Jones
Spirit of the wolves
Hearst, Dorothy, 1966- author.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Undefeated, a novel.
Hardt, Helen, author.
Delany, Samuel R.
The simple wild : a novel
Tucker, K. A. (Kathleen A.), 1978- author.
Arsenic and old books
James, Miranda, author.
Claws for concern
James, Miranda, author.
Twelve angry librarians
James, Miranda, author.
Revelation unveiled
LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016.
The Remedy
Young, Suzanne.
Clockwork princess
Clare, Cassandra.
The Treatment
Young, Suzanne, author.
Hurricanes : a memoir
Ross, Rick, 1976- author.
Tough luck : Sid Luckman, Murder, Inc., and the rise of the modern NFL
Rosen, Richard Dean, 1949- author.
Truth has a power of its own : conversations about A people's history
Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010, author, interviewee.
Do dice play God? : the mathematics of uncertainty
Stewart, Ian, 1945- author.
Maoism : a global history
Lovell, Julia, 1975- author.
A beginner's guide to Japan : observations, provocations, fallacies
Iyer, Pico, author.
How to : absurd scientific advice for common real-world problems
Munroe, Randall, author.
The secrets we kept
Prescott, Lara, author.
Red skies falling
London, Alex, author.
Vendetta in death : an Eve Dallas novel
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
Elements of fiction
Mosley, Walter, author.
Our dogs, ourselves : how we live with dogs now
Horowitz, Alexandra, author.
Dark illusion
Feehan, Christine, author.
Cold storage : a novel
Koepp, David, author.
This tender land : a novel
Krueger, William Kent, author.
The art of statistics : how to learn from data
Spiegelhalter, D. J, author.
The truth behind the lie : a novel
Lövestam, Sara, 1980- author.
The sweetest fruits : a novel
Truong, Monique T. D, author.
Quichotte : a novel
Rushdie, Salman, author.
The bone fire
Sykes, S. D., author.
Sex, teens, and everything in between : the new and necessary conversations today's teenagers need to have about consent, sexual harassment, healthy relationships, love, and more
Zaloom, Shafia, author.
Talk radio's America : how an industry took over a political party that took over the United States
Rosenwald, Brian, author.
Snowmen at Halloween
Buehner, Caralyn, author.
Bet you didn't know!. Outrageous, Awesome, Out-of-This-World Facts 2, Outrageous, awesome, out-of-this-world facts.
National Geographic Kids (COR)
Hats are not for cats!
Rayner, Jacqueline K., author, illustrator.
As warm as the sun
McMullan, Kate, author.
Spot & Dot
Cole, Henry, 1955- author, illustrator.
Biedrzycki, David, author.
My life as an ice cream sandwich
Zoboi, Ibi Aanu, author.
We can ride down the slide
Testa, Maggie.
Dear Justice League
Northrop, Michael, writer.
The 47 people you'll meet in middle school
Mahoney, Kristin Mary, author.
River of fire : my spiritual journey
Prejean, Helen, author.
The mosquito : a human history of our deadliest predator
Winegard, Timothy C. (Timothy Charles), 1977- author.
When I was white : a memoir
Valentine, Sarah, 1977- author.
The passengers
Marrs, John (Freelance journalist), author.
The world doesn't require you : stories
Scott, Rion Amilcar, author.
Kill zone
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- author.
A pure heart
Hassib, Rajia, author.
The book charmer
Hawkins, Karen, author.
Last ones left alive
Davis-Goff, Sarah, author.
Knaves over queens
Martin, George R. R. (EDT)/ Snodgrass, Melinda M. (CON)/ Cornell, Paul/ Kloos, Marko/ Lawrence, Mark
Black spire
Dawson, Delilah S, author.
Lone wolf cowboy
Yates, Maisey, author.
All it takes : a romancing Manhattan novel
Proby, Kristen.
Bottle grove : a novel
Handler, Daniel, author.
My friend Anna : the true story of the fake heiress
Williams, Rachel DeLoache, author.
The yellow house
Broom, Sarah M., author.
Let's draw animals with Crayola!
Bermejo, Ana (ILT)
Let's draw vehicles with Crayola!
Bermejo, Ana (ILT)
Let's draw robots with Crayola!
Golden, Emily (ILT)
Let's draw aliens and spaceships with Crayola!
Clark, Neil (ILT)
Todos iguales : un corrido de Lemon Grove = All equal : a ballad of Lemon Grove
Hale, Christy, author.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Parrish, Jacqueline, author.
How to catch a wicked viscount
Bennett, Amy Rose, author.
The wallflower wager
Dare, Tessa, author.
How to love a duke in ten days
Byrne, Kerrigan.
The girl who lived twice / A Lisbeth Salander Novel
Lagercrantz, David, author.
Beneath the attic
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author.
Sapphire flames
Andrews, Ilona, author.
Fractured Lines.
McLaughlin, Jen
Pumpkinheads : a graphic novel
Rowell, Rainbow, author.
The beckoning shadow
Blair, Katharyn, author.
Be more chill
Vizzini, Ned, 1981-
They called us enemy
Takei, George, 1937- author.
Trucker and Train
Stark, Hannah, author.
Best friends
Hale, Shannon.
Llama Llama happy birthday!
Dewdney, Anna.
For whom the ball rolls
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, artist.
Cheshire crossing
Weir, Andy, author.
Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author.
Feinstein, John, author.
White, J. A, author
This book of mine
Stewart, Sarah, 1939- author.
Llama Llama mess mess mess
Dewdney, Anna, author.
Kvasnosky, Laura McGee, author, illustrator.
Once upon a goat
Richards, Dan, 1966- author.
A stone sat still
Wenzel, Brendan, author, illustrator.
Spencer's new pet
Sima, Jessie, author, illustrator.
Dead voices
Arden, Katherine, author.
Silly lullaby
Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.
Froggy picks a pumpkin
London, Jonathan, 1947- author.
See Jane win : the inspiring story of the women changing American politics
Moscatello, Caitlin, author.
Gender and our brains : how new neuroscience explodes the myths of the male and female minds
Rippon, Gina, author.
The deep history of ourselves : the four-billion-year story of how we got conscious brains
LeDoux, Joseph E, author.
Silver, sword, and stone : three crucibles of the Latin American story
Arana, Marie (Writer), author.
Inconspicuous consumption : the environmental impact you don't know you have
Schlossberg, Tatiana, author.
The miracle & tragedy of the Dionne quintuplets
Miller, Sarah, 1979- author.
The turn of midnight
Walters, Minette, author.
The beekeeper of Aleppo : a novel
Lefteri, Christy, 1980- author
Hunter's moon : a novel in stories
Caputo, Philip, author.
Everything inside / Stories
Danticat, Edwidge, 1969- author.
The other's gold
Ames, Elizabeth, 1981- author.
Cut and run
Michaels, Fern, author.
Tin badges : a novel
Carcaterra, Lorenzo, author.
Rival's break
Neggers, Carla, author.
Alexander the Great : his life and his mysterious death
Everitt, Anthony, author.
The ventriloquists : a novel
Ramzipoor, E. R., author.
Love at Pebble Creek
Baker, Lisa Jones, author.
How to cross a marquess
Ashford, Jane, author.
Butterfly in frost : a novella
Day, Sylvia, author.
The last widow
Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author.
A better man : a Chief Inspector Gamache novel
Penny, Louise, author.
Haunted house murder
Meier, Leslie/ Hollis, Lee/ Ross, Barbara
Death by caf©♭ mocha
Erickson, Alex, author.
Molded 4 murder
Eaton, J. C. (Joint pseudonym), author.
Death by jack-o-lantern
Morgan, Alexis, author.
Where there's fire, there's Smoke : Smoke Jensen, the last mountain man
Johnstone, William W, author.
Texas forever
Dailey, Janet, author.
Dogfight over Tokyo : The Final Air Battle of the Pacific and the Last Four Men to Die in World War II
Wukovits, John
Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die : bioethics and the transformation of health care in America
Gutmann, Amy, author.
Vern Yip's vacation at home : design ideas for creating your everyday getaway
Yip, Vern, author.
The dark side : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Radicals, resistance, and revenge : the left's plot to remake America
Pirro, Jeanine, author.
E.T. the extra-terrestrial
Thomas, Jim K., 1970- author.
If I built a school
Van Dusen, Chris, author, illustrator.
The karate kid
Kamen, Robert Mark, author.
The magic flute
Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.
Buffy the vampire slayer
Rekulak, Jason, author.
The 100 hats of the Cat in the Hat
Rabe, Tish, author.
Let's draw monsters with Crayola!
Rumiz, Susanna (ILT)
Odell Beckham Jr.
Thomas, T.C. (Sportswriter), author.
Little free libraries & tiny sheds : 12 miniature structures you can build
Schmidt, Philip, author.
Battle dress : poems
Skolfield, Karen, author.
Berta Isla : una novela
Marías, Javier, author.
El leopardo
Nesbø, Jo, 1960- author.
A keeper : a novel
Norton, Graham, 1963- author.
The gatekeeper's house
Pohler, Eva, author.
The gatekeeper's secret
Pohler, Eva, author.
The gatekeeper's promise
Pohler, Eva, author.
Disney princess 5-minute princess stories.
Disney Press (COR)
Let's draw dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts with Crayola!
Kearney, Brendan (ILT)
Let's draw bugs and critters with Crayola!
Golden, Emily
Let's draw kooky characters with Crayola!
Stamper, Claire (ILT)
Pyron, Bobbie, author.
A royal guide to monster slaying
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
Each tiny spark
Cartaya, Pablo, author.
Hello girls
Cavallaro, Brittany, author.
I'm not dying with you tonight
Jones, Kimberly (Kimberly Latrice), author.
The revolution of Birdie Randolph
Colbert, Brandy, author.
Consent : a memoir of unwanted attention
Freitas, Donna, author.
The right swipe : a novel
Rai, Alisha, author.
Haben : the deafblind woman who conquered Harvard Law
Girma, Haben, 1988- author.
Schindler's list
Keneally, Thomas.
A people's future of the United States : speculative fiction from 25 extraordinary writers
Lavalle, Victor (EDT)/ Adams, John Joseph (EDT)/ Anders, Charlie Jane/ Rustad, A. Merc/ Huerta, Lizz
And how are you, Dr. Sacks? : a biographical memoir of Oliver Sacks
Weschler, Lawrence, author.
Sooner or later everything falls into the sea : stories
Pinsker, Sarah, author.
Together tea
Kamali, Marjan.
Twisted at the root / A Jane Lawless Mystery
Hart, Ellen, author.
The man in the white linen suit
Handler, David, 1952- author.
The doll factory : a novel
Macneal, Elizabeth, 1988- author.
Going Dutch : a novel
Gregor, James, author.
A killer edition
Barrett, Lorna, author.
The boy at the back of the class
Raúf, Onjali Q., author
Hannigan, Kate, author.
LEGO Ninjago epic adventures / Epic Adventures
March, Julia, author.
Stanley's train
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
Big red school
Rusu, Meredith, author.
The complete Brambly Hedge
Barklem, Jill.
Berta Isla
Marías, Javier, author.
A door in the earth
Waldman, Amy, 1969- author.
Carnegie Hill
Vatner, Jonathan, author.
The girls : an all-American town, a predatory doctor, and the untold story of the gymnasts who brought him down
Pesta, Abigail, author.
The hidden things
Mason, Jamie, author.
The Memory Police
Ogawa, Yko, 1962- author.
The saddest girl in the world : the true story of a neglected and isolated little girl who just wanted to be loved
Glass, Cathy, author.
Devotion : a novel
Stevens, Madeline, 1987- author.
Syria's secret library : reading and redemption in a town under siege
Thomson, Mike, author.
The loyal one
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
Into the planet : my life as a cave diver
Heinerth, Jill, author.
A song of joy
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
The gatekeeper's daughter
Pohler, Eva, author.
The gatekeeper's challenge
Pohler, Eva, author.
The gatekeeper's sons
Pohler, Eva, author.
The reckless oath we made
Greenwood, Bryn, author.
The ghosts of Eden Park : the bootleg king, the women who pursued him, and the murder that shocked Jazz-Age America
Abbott, Karen, 1973- author.
A good provider is one who leaves : one family and migration in the 21st century
DeParle, Jason, author.
The last Olympian : the graphic novel
Roprdan, Rick, author.
House of salt and sorrows
Craig, Erin A., author
Bad Kitty searching for Santa
Bruel, Nick, author.
Lasting love
Wright, Caroline, author.
The whisper man
North, Alex, author.
Gregory, Philippa, author.
Thank you for my service
Best, Mat, author.
The date
Jensen, Louise.
Echoes : the Saga anthology of ghost stories
Datlow, Ellen (editor)
The murder list
Ryan, Hank Phillippi, author.
Cada da̕ es tuyo/ Own Your Everyday
Dooley, Jordan Lee
The warehouse : a novel
Hart, Rob.
What we talk about when we talk about books : the history and future of reading
Price, Leah, author.
The memo : what women of color need to know to secure a seat at the table
Harts, Minda, author.
Old bones
Preston, Douglas J, author.
Stolen things : a novel
Herron, Rachael, author.
The cold way home
Keller, Julia, author.
Original Syn
Kander, Beth, author.
Christmas with you / Gabriel's Angel / Home for Christmas
Roberts, Nora, author.
Pocket pompoms : 35 little woolly creatures to make
Ishii, Sachiyo, author.
Innercise : the new science to unlock your brain's hidden power
Assaraf, John, author.
Fodor's Cancún & the Riviera Maya / With Tulum, Cozumel & the Best of the Yucatan
Griffis, Gigi, author.
As long as grass grows : the indigenous fight for environmental justice, from colonization to Standing Rock
Gilio-Whitaker, Dina, author.
Sainsbury, Brendan, author.
Auschwitz : not long ago. not far away
Van Pelt, Robert Jan (EDT)/ Ferreiro, Luis (CON)/ Greenbaum, Miriam (CON)
What was stonewall?
Medina, Nico, 1982- author.
The history of money : from bartering to banking
Jenkins, Martin, 1959- author.
What was the Titanic?
Sabol, Stephanie, author.
What is the constitution?
Demuth, Patricia Brennan, author.
What was the Holocaust?
Herman, Gail, 1959- author.
The Milly-Molly-Mandy storybook
Brisley, Joyce Lankester, 1896- author, illustrator.
What is the Stanley Cup?
Herman, Gail, 1959- author.
Where is Area 51?
Manzanero, Paula, 1962- author.
What are the Ten Commandments?
McDonough, Yona Zeldis, author.
Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
Stine, Megan, author.
The lion and the rose
Quinn, Kate.
Empress of the seven hills
Quinn, Kate.
Let's call it a doomsday
Henry, Katie, author.
Gumshoe rock : a Mortimer Angel novel
Leininger, Robert, 1946- author.
Famous men who never lived
Chess, K, author.
What are biblical values? : what the Bible says on key ethical issues
Collins, John J. (John Joseph), 1946- author.
Lady of the eternal city
Quinn, Kate.
13 / El Asesino No Est ̀En El Banquillo De Los Acusados, Est ̀Entre El Jurado / the Serial Killer Isn't on Trial. He's on the Jury
Cavanagh, Steve, author.
The Latin hit maker : my journey from Cuban refugee to world-renowned record producer and songwriter
Pérez, Rudy, 1958- author.
A world champion's guide to chess : step-by-step instructions for winning chess the Polgar way!
Polgár, Zsuzsa, 1969- author.
Robert Jordan's The wheel of time. The Eye of the World The eye of the world. Volume five
Jordan, Robert,- author.
Chess for beginners : lnow the rules, choose your strategy, and start winning
Orlova, Yelizaveta, author.
How do you dance?
Heder, Thyra, author, illustrator.
Mission to the moon!
Brown, Jordan, author.
The dummy meets the mummy!
Stine, R. L, author.
Captain Underpants and the preposterous plight of the Purple Potty People / Color Edition
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
The hidden child
Läckberg, Camilla, 1974- author.
Williams, Naomi J., 1964- author.
The Oysterville sewing circle : a novel
Wiggs, Susan.
The bouncer : a novel
Gordon, David, 1967- author.
The family tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy
Bettinger, Blaine T., author.
Run, mummy, run
Glass, Cathy.
What's making our children sick? : how industrial food is causing an epidemic of chronic illness, and what parents (and doctors) can do about it
Perro, Michelle, author.
Quit like a millionaire : no gimmicks, luck, or trust fund required
Shen, Kristy, 1982- author.
By sorrow's river
McMurtry, Larry.
The bonsai beginner's bible : the definitive guide to choosing and growing bonsai
Chan, Peter, 1940- author.
McKinty, Adrian.
Because internet : understanding the new rules of language
McCulloch, Gretchen, author.
The Carpenter's daughter
Anderson, C. B., author.
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Where the Crawdads Sing
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A Better Man
by: Louise Penny
The Nickel Boys
by: Colson Whitehead
The Secrets We Kept- Debut
by: Lara Prescott
by: Madeline Miller
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The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!
by: Mo Willems
"Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You- Debut"
by: "Sonia Sotomayor, Rafael López (Illus.)"
Dinosnores- Debut
by: Sandra Boynton
Goodnight Moon
by: "Margaret Wise Brown, Clement Hurd (Illus.)"
Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum- Debut
by: "Dr. Seuss, Andrew Joyner (Illus.)"